Will Banquet Halls Reopen in Delhi?

Will Banquet Halls Reopen in Delhi?

If the new government is serious about restoring a business environment in Delhi, the first step will be to ease curbs. With cases of COVID-19 on the decline, the Delhi government could relax the rules and allow banquet halls to reopen. This is an important step to help the local economy.

However, there will be some restrictions. Political and social events are barred. However, religious places like temples, mosques, and churches will remain open. However, visitors will be unable to enter them. Some parks, such as Rajpath, can remain open.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DMA) has made several adjustments to the curfew and other restrictions. Markets and malls are allowed to reopen on Sundays and holidays, and restaurants and bars are allowed to operate with half their capacity. The DMA also lifted curfews on weekends and evenings. However, the number of people allowed to hold wedding functions is still restricted to 200.

While the city has been in lockdown for over two months, the government has been easing these restrictions one step at a time. For example, gyms and yoga centers were allowed to reopen with 50% capacity. In addition, weddings will be permitted at home and in a court with a capacity of 20 people or less. However, these restrictions will remain in place until the fifth of July.

The COVID rules also require hotels and banquet halls to enforce standards for acceptable COVID behaviour. The owners of these halls and yoga institutes are also responsible for the COVID rules that govern the conduct of patrons. Other industries will remain closed in the capital.

After the recent health scare, Delhi’s government has announced new restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease. This includes limiting the number of people attending cinemas and multiplexes, as well as limiting the number of people allowed to use buses and metros. The government is also ordering all restaurants and bars to limit their seating capacity to 50%. In addition, marriages will be limited to twenty people and will only be allowed to include those who can safely attend.

The closure of the covid 19 festival will affect the business of salons, yoga institutes, schools, and cinemas. In addition to this, no banquet halls will be able to be used for any event during the day. There will also be no internet access, public libraries, and other services during the holiday.

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