Iraluxe Staycation

Luxury has a new definition!

Enrich the beauty of those special moments by choosing Kingdom with a aim to get the best experience for everything, from private gatherings to large social events. From birthdays to weddings, Kingdom is the ultimate destination for celebrating the moment with grandeur. It is a tastefully designed royal villa that includes spaces like -

Main Lawn

This massive grassy lawn adjacent to the majestic blue doors at the back of the building provides plenty of space for decor and set-up for events, making it ideal for large gatherings and social events. It is also on the lawns that one has the chance to enjoy the stunning view of the villa in the front. Along with the lawn, you can have access to the following additional facilities, on-demand to make it a part of the unique places to visit in Delhi.

Executive Suites

The Kingdom is a beautifully designed venue for grand celebrations that come with an additional facility i.e., five executive suites. Each of these suites is built and designed with a view to offering grandeur unlike any other in the city. Two of the suites are situated on the ground floor for easier access and the other three are on the first to provide much-needed calm and maybe privacy after an amazing event. All five rooms are designed with a different vibe and mood to radiate celebratory enthusiasm.

Outdoor Pool and Central Lawn

A central outdoor pool with a lush lounge on the fourth side of the premium property is surrounded on three sides by glass looking into the villa, while all suites at the Kingdom have views of the pool. There is a swimming pool that is surrounded by lounge chairs and a screen that is designed to let you relax and enjoy the view without being disturbed. The elegantly designed villa and the abundance of rejuvenating amenities make Iraluxe, one of the unique places to visit in Delhi.

Living Room and Indoor Spaces

Designed with the purpose of making anyone feel like they are in a royal palace, the Kingdom has ample indoor areas for everyone to enjoy. An aesthetically pleasing living room is the focal point of the villa, connected to the rest of the house by a checkered hallway. There are also several indoor areas, including a kitchen, a dining room, spacious guest bathrooms, a study, a gym, a sauna, and much more.

About the Location – Delhi NCR

Iraluxe is located at Farm No. 20, Mustatil No 43, Village Dera Mandi, Tehsil Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110074. In the Delhi NCR region, the area serves as one of the most exquisite and comfortable places to spend some quality time with loved ones. It is an off-center place that serves as a perfect venue for all magnificent and delightful family events. Some of the most unique places to visit in Delhi are also in proximity such as Qutub Minar, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, and much more. A stay here has easy accessibility to the in-demand areas along with effortless connectivity to the most important roads around the place. To bring the tranquility and serenity that everyone wants, the location is very intelligently chosen which will give you the privacy you need without compromising your connectivity to city life.