The Chalet

The Chalet

An upscale 1-bedroom located by the poolside, this room meets your need to be one with nature while being immersed in complete luxury and comfort.

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the chalet 2

The Chalet is a luxurious one-room suite exuding a bohemian vibe with its tent-like setup and separate bedroom. It is located right next to the pool. It offers a panoramic view of the area, combining luxury and comfort. This romantic setting, perfect for cozy conversations under the stars, opens directly next to the pool. A harmonious blend of luxury and comfort characterizes the Chalet, making it an idyllic choice for those seeking a romantic retreat. Imagine leisurely evenings, where the poolside ambiance sets the stage for intimate conversations and stargazing, crafting unforgettable moments. The Chalet is an ideal accommodation for a group as it comes with the Cottage and the Pool.

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