What is a Good Budget for a Wedding?

What is a Good Budget for a Wedding?

A good budget for a wedding is based on the priorities of the couple. You might be willing to cut back on certain things or hire a less-expensive vendor. It’s a good idea to have around 10% of your budget left over to handle any surprises. For example, you might ask a photographer to only take photos at the ceremony, and limit the number of drinks you have for guests. But don’t let pressure from family and friends and social media influence your decision.

When setting your budget, determine your priorities and determine how much you can spend on each. You should also determine who will be paying for your wedding. For instance, will it be you and your partner, or are there family members who will contribute to the wedding? If so, knowing who’s paying for your wedding is crucial to establishing a budget.

Another thing to consider when setting your budget is the location. Weddings are incredibly expensive in certain places. Los Angeles and New York are two obvious examples. You may be able to save money by planning a wedding in a less popular area. However, weddings in popular tourist towns can get expensive, as the prices rise during peak travel seasons. There are also certain types of venues that cost more than others. For instance, a city park will probably cost nothing, but a grand ballroom could cost the same as a year’s tuition at a local college.

The cost of catering is another thing that can eat up a large portion of your wedding budget. You’ll probably have to pay for food per guest, but there are a lot of options for you to get a wedding catering service on a tight budget. For instance, you could have a wedding reception at a restaurant or a local cafe.

Another factor that adds a significant amount to your wedding budget is the cost of the wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony with 66 guests will cost about $4,075, or $62 per plate. As wedding attendance grows, the costs of food will go up. But it’s important not to go overboard. Even if you have a modest wedding, consider hiring a cash bar.

Aside from food, decorations are another big part of your wedding budget. Flowers are usually ordered for the tables, buffet tables, and gift tables. You may also want to decorate mantels and banisters. You’ll also need to buy your wedding dress and veil, which can be expensive. Be sure to factor in the alterations and veil to avoid overspending.

Your wedding can still be elegant and affordable, even with a budget of $15,000 or less. However, you must keep in mind that your guest list should be at least 50 people. If your guest list is smaller, you can cut the number of tables and favors, as well as cut back on other details.

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