National Museum in Delhi

National Museum in Delhi

If you want to see artifacts that have been in India for thousands of years, the National Museum is a must visit for all. The museum has a wide collection of Indian paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts. You can also learn more about the history of the nation and its culture. The museum’s 200,000 artworks are a testament to its rich cultural heritage.

There are several galleries inside the museum, each displaying an era of art. The Textiles Gallery displays textiles from the Later Mughal period. The museum also has a large collection of folk, classical, and 19th century Western instruments. You can also view a sculpture of the Goddess Saraswati playing the veena.

The museum also features a large auditorium that can accommodate 250 people. Film shows about the art heritage of India are a popular attraction at the museum. Its collection of art is categorized into several galleries, each of which showcases one of the facets of India’s rich culture. The Museum’s collection includes artifacts from the prehistoric era to the contemporary age.

The museum’s collection of Indian paintings includes miniatures and original works by indigenous artists from various Indian regions. Its collection contains over 17,000 paintings and spans over 900 years. These include styles from the Malwa, Bundelkhand, Raghogarh, and Company School. The collection is also rich in indigenous handicrafts from the North East.

Another gallery contains a collection of ancient artifacts from the Harappan Civilization, which is also known as the Indus Valley civilization. It is the largest collection of Harappan antiquities and has been lent to the museum by the Archaeological Survey of India. The gallery also features terracotta images of the Mother Goddess. The museum also has a collection of painted pottery and jewelry from the early Harappan period.

If you wish to apply for a position at the National Museum, you will need to fulfill several requirements. To qualify, you must have the relevant education and relevant experience in the field of museology. The National Museum also requires that you have a Masters degree or a Diploma in Museology.

Other exhibits of the National Museum include an exhibit dedicated to games. You can see an example of a traditional Indian game called chaupar. Also, you can see various types of glazed pottery and metal Hindu and Jain pitikas. The museum also includes exhibits on the evolution of the seat of power.

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