Luxurious Farmhouse in Delhi


An Unusual Retreat

Nestled in the proximity of the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is where luxury comes closer to nature. The atmosphere scoops up the magnetism of nature and sophistication of a comfortable living. As the space is set in a peaceful location in Delhi, it is the perfect setting that nurtures the desires of folks looking for a peaceful sanctuary within the metropolis.

Marvels amidst Nature

The sprawling grounds covered in moist grass can be observed as far as the eyes of a spectator reach. The luxurious lodgings like the Chalet, the Cottage, the Empire, and the Treehouse are exemplary. Submerged in the palatial vibes of natural flora and fauna, this place satiates the yearning for a togetherness farmhouse, in the city. Amidst the trunks of longstanding trees and luminous greenery, the place combines luxury with natural landscapes. The features of artfully curated furniture and contemporary architecture make it a comprehensive experience for the guests.

An Unforgettable Stay

Iraluxe makes every moment a memorable one, be it a day spent at the Treehouse or a few hours on Mango Boulevard. The cottage is elegantly designed with two bedrooms and comes in a package with the Chalet making it ideal for a family stay. The Treehouse sets an ideal backdrop for quenching the thirst for the best private places for couples in Delhi. Iraluxe is a complete package for a family retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

The Essence of Serenity

At Iraluxe, one gets to experience the calmness and solitude that is essential to relax and rejuvenate, unlike the citylife. The echoing sounds of the chirping birds creates a serene ambiance that helps the guests to refresh their senses. It is the perfect setting where guests can revive their spirits by uplifting their inner peace.

Farmhouse For the party Celebrations

Iraluxe comes as a package to fulfill the demands of a farmhouse in Delhi for party. The vividness of the place makes it ideal for festive gatherings between families. Iraluxe is ideal for small rendezvous of up to 12 guests or a major gathering accommodating up to 400 people. The place supports convenience and peace of mind that is much-needed while planning a vacation with pets. A dreamy farmhouse party becomes far more mesmeric with one’s family, friends, and pets.

Luxury Farmhouse For Weekend Stays

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