IRA LUXE staycation

Cottage, Tree House, Chalet & The Forest

Nestled amongst lush greenery, IRALUXE is situated at Asola Bhatti Mines adjacent to Asola wildlife sanctuary in South Delhi, and is spread across 3 acres of farmland. It came to life as a sanctuary AWAY from the noise and bustle of the city. A home away from home and an escape to unwind, introspect, connect and rejuvenate with utmost privacy.

IRA LUXE staycation

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Discover Our Location

It’s a 3 acre farmhouse in Asola Bhatti Mines adjacent to Asola Wildlife Sanctuary in South Delhi. It is very romantically styled and has beautifully landscaped Gardens. It has picturesque views from every corner and also a panoramic swimming pool.

It’s an uncontaminated natural oasis inhabited by different species of birds and animals like peacocks, herons, woodpeckers, moorhens etc surrounded with natural rocks.

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    This upscale 1 Bedroom catered Luxury Chalet is a dreamers paradise. Where nature and comfort combine for your new home away from home.

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  • IRA LUXE staycation

    The uber cosy 2 bedroom cottage comes with attached bathrooms and 2 living rooms and an open kitchen. Adjacent to the pool and the outdoor theatre,

  • IRA LUXE staycation
    Tree House

    This one Bedroom suite built around three big Neem trees and one tree growing through the house itself, has a charm unmatched & sought after.

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    The Forest

    The name is eponymous with the endearing experience. A bar set up in the wilderness whose tipsy ambience inebriates everyone. Here you can have the satiating fine dining encounter.

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    The Empire

    The Forestis Treehouse is a modern space made for practising centuries-old Celtic yoga. Delve into the history of Druids from the surrounding forests, who settled in this part of the world and developed their knowledge of the healing powers of woodland meditation. Surrounded by beloved scenery with a romantic landscape, it is the perfect anchor point between reality and dream. Immortalised on screen in Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita,The Empire offers the best of luxury stays.

  • The Empire
  • The Poem
  • IRA LUXE staycation
    The Poem

    The Poem is the ultra luxurious Suite area, featuring shaded tree walls, gilt-framed paintings, chandeliers, and stucco-decorated outdoor. Steps from the plunge pool is an outdoor living area, featuring comfy furnishings and a fireplace -- the perfect place to be for.

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    The Rain Room

    There is something indescribably soul pleasing about an outdoor bathing experience. With an enviable spot below a 100-year-old banyan tree, guests can experience the true beauty of nature. The Rain is flooded with natural light and brimming with hand-picked furniture infused with the owners’ Scandinavian background. An 'Adults Only' room, we also provide Ice Bath Therapies should you request it!

  • The Empire