Blissful Stay in Every Way Iraluxe

Immerse yourself in the lushful beauty of Iraluxe, enhanced with natural flora and fauna around the farm. Located in the outskirts of one of the busiest capitals in the world, Delhi, this resort offers more than just four walls for a night.

The Cottage

The go-to choice for families and anyone looking for private access to the pool, the Cottage offers a two-bedroom stay, complete with a kitchen, dining area, and poolside swim. Situated adjacent to the pool, the breathtaking views from the windows easily transport you to a tropical paradise. The added access to a private, outdoor theatre and a Gazebo by the pool is all you will need during your getaway.

The Empire Treehouse

A larger and more modern version of the original treehouse, the Empire Treehouse exudes luxury in a way that is rare in treehouse stays. Equipped with the latest amenities, a stay at the Empire Treehouse opens access to a private island bar and an outdoor movie theatre setup.

Tree house

A modern one-bedroom suite, the treehouse has been built around the oldest Neem tree in the farm, adding a rustic charm to the contemporary room. A stay at the treehouse is complimented with private access to The Poem, a Bohemian lounge under the treehouse, as well as movie screening under the stars.

The Chalet

A luxurious single-room suite setup next to the pool, the Chalet exudes a Bohemian vibe in its tent-like setup. The chalet combines luxury and comfort, opening right by the pool and providing a panoramic view of the area, ideal for cosy conversations and stargazing nights. The stay also includes a private access to the pool, as well as the open-air theatre for a relaxing time.

The Rain Room

An adults-only space on the farm, this room has been designed to rekindle love and romance between couples. Featuring an air-conditioned outdoor bed, the room has been built under a 100-year old Banyan Tree, giving it the privacy you need. Flaunting an outdoor shower and a stone bath, this room also gives you access to special spa treatments, on request.