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The Rain Room

An adults-only room to help you reconnect with your partner, this open-air room has been built around a 100-year old Banyan Tree, with stone baths, outdoor shower, and air-conditioned bed space.

The Cottage

A luxurious 2-bedroom suite next to the pool, the cottage offers the perfect stay for a family or two couples, with access to a private kitchen and the pool.

The Treehouse

Built around three neem trees and a private lounge for serenity, the treehouse is a modern 1-bedroom open space setting built around the original direction of one of the trees.

The Forest

Ideal for cocktail parties, this area focuses on a private bar access for your guests, made interesting with picturesque decor.

The Poolside

Perfect for a pool party of any scale, the poolside area offers private access to your guests, as well as a gazebo for a sit down.

The Empire Treehouse

A contemporary take on the rustic treehouse, this luxurious 1-bedroom exudes centuries-old Celtic aura, giving you private access to it’s beloved forest bar.

The Poem

A quiet, relaxing lounge area surrounded by shaded trees and greenery, the poem is perfect to host small get-togethers between close friends and family.

The Chalet

An upscale 1-bedroom located by the poolside, this room meets your need to be one with nature while being immersed in compete luxury and comfort.