IRA Luxe Staycation

Situated near Asola wildlife sanctuary in South Delhi, this farmhouse commands an excellent location spread over 3 acres located in Asola Bhatti Mines. Providing a sojourn in a nature escapade amidst natural rocks and many exquisite birds and animals. Designed amorously, this mansion has impassioned topography throwing much light on gardens and alluring corners.

If you like the idea of enjoying a swim, it features a panoramic swimming pool while appreciating the beauty of nature, following a barbecue in the pool premises. One can also count it in health farms since it grows all its veggies organically. Besides, this domain contains a pure natural oasis because of which many different species of birds and animals have been colonized within the ambit.

Families with kids especially can rejoice at the presence of peacocks, herons, woodpeckers and other colourful species.