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Farmhouse for pool party in Delhi

6 Viable Ideas for the Pool Party Enthusiasts

Planning a party around a pool in the best farmhouse for pool party in Delhi can be an instant hit for people of any age group. Pools attract all and they can be used in many ways to enjoy a more refined and fun-filled party. Many pool party enthusiasts use the pool simply as a backdrop and do whatever they want. For instance, a ‘dine and wine’ patio party has its charm with low-intensity outdoor lighting sources accentuated by the pool lighting. On another side, there are down and rowdy pool parties where all the party animals have a splashing blast enjoying each moment to the full.

This blog sheds light on 6 viable ideas for a pool party to be organized in any of the best pool party venues in the national capital

Boho Tablescape: Celebrating togetherness 

There is an age-old saying in the western world according to which a family that eats together stays together. Therefore, a pool party in any of the best pool party venues in Delhi brings families a unique opportunity to dine and wine together. To achieve this, all that you need to do is – just arrange and set up a long and low height table keeping in view a typical family-style meal. It would be additionally great if you have some floor pillows and mud cloths alongside. A family-style meal with a pool in the backdrop is one of the best ways to celebrate togetherness with your family and friends.

A vibrant ice cream bar: Satiating your guests’ taste buds for sweet memories

When summers are at their peak, what people of all age groups want more and more is just ice cream. Therefore, when in a party mood around a pool in the best farmhouse with pool in Delhi for party, you should unavoidably set up an ice cream bar with a large variety of delicious ice creams. During a pool party in the summers, there is nothing more relevant than an ice cream bar for your guests, family, and friends. To add more fun to the event, you can ask for the following additions:

  • A large variety of ice creams in different colors
  • Sugar-free delicacies for those who are diabetic
  • Unique sprinkle blends
  • Mini waffle cones
  • Handcrafted walnut ice cream cone holder, and
  • Attractive cups.

Set a pool party decoration theme

When you book a farmhouse with pool in Delhi for party, you need to be particular about the pool party decoration theme. A decoration theme is important because it coordinates not only with the food items you are going to serve but also sets the mood of the invitees for the party. So, you need to be a little bit creative and offbeat or just go for a classic theme without a second thought. Apart from this, you can also set a specific dress code for your pool party keeping in view the requirement of your overall décor theme. These days, going all-white or tropical is one of the trendiest ideas for a classic or dressier pool party.

Fruit punch screams

Fruits punch screams are part and parcel of almost all the pool parties organized at the best farmhouse with pool in Delhi for party. Nothing makes more sense than a unique combination of sweet, tart, and sparkly fruity punch during a pool party on hot sunny days. None of your guests or family members can deny the invitation of fruity punches. To make it all more appealing and refreshing, you need to serve them making use of a bronze bowl and ladle.

Small-time toys for a big bundle of joys 

In case some small children are also a part of the pool party being organized at any of the best pool party venues in Delhi or anywhere else, then you need to take along some plastic pieces. These can include an activity gym with crawling spaces, a colorful slide, and a fake rock climbing wall assembled at home. These items are small in size but offer hours of quality time to kids joining the party. Some people even keep their pets along keeping in view the entertainment of kids during a pool party.

You can confirm whether the farmhouse or any other venue you are going to book for the pool party permits pets or not. You must remember that small-time toys are quite necessary for the big bundle of joys for your kids if they are involved in the pool party. What’s more, most of the best pool party venues in the national capital also have some dedicated swimming pools for kids which can be another reason for excitement for them.

Book the best farmhouse with pool in Delhi for party

All people are not privileged enough to have a pool in their backyard. And, for any pool party, a well-maintained pool acts as a central character. In case you don’t have a pool, then don’t worry as you have so many options to choose from. What you need to do is just rent the best farmhouse for pool party in Delhi and have all the fun that you want with your dear and near ones. If you are living anywhere across the national capital region (NCR), then you have a plethora of choices to serve your purpose.

Take your time and search for one of the best pool party venues in Delhi while making sure that the venue is providing you with all the required amenities and facilities.

Concluding Remarks 

IRA Luxe Staycation is one of the best pool party venues in Delhi. It is a place that not only beautifies your life by feeding not just the body, but also the soul. Being one of the most visited farmhouses in the national capital, IRA Luxe Staycation is a place of calmness, serenity, fun, and comfort having incredible natural surroundings and alluringly green landscapes. This premium destination for party lovers covers up all the facilities right from the pool to the luxury accommodation as per your specific needs. It can be rented as a private farm for a pool party whenever you want.